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Imagine having a drink with chocolate and banana. It sounds like the perfect combination as most people say that chocolate and banana can never go wrong.


There is no doubt that Choco Banana Diet Drink will be nothing short of being tasty or even yummy. Guess this drink proves to everyone who said “Chocolate makes you gain weight” that they are very much mistaken in their opinion because this diet drink has brown rice which gives a healthy twist on an otherwise unhealthy treat!


It’s also much healthier as this diet drink uses rich chocolate which actually derived from the fruit seeds (cacao) of a cacoa tree. Do you know that 'Cacao' has way more health benefits than ‘Cocoa’?


There are many ways to enjoy your favorite chocolate drink--even during weight loss. For example, you can have it hot or iced version for an indulgent treat that's good enough to keep cravings at bay!

Magika Chocolate Drink

  • Content: 15 sachets X 25g

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